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Latest Events
Hindu Smasana Vatika Development work

BIRDS team developing Hindu Smasana Vatika with the help of Village well-wishers. Work is still in progress.
Activity on 12th February 2017

BIRDS Team Spraying Mosquito Repellents as per scheduled
Activity on 29th January 2017

BIRDS Team in their favourite event(Spraying Mosquito Repellents).
Activity on 15th January 2017

BIRDS Team showcase some banners/hordings in the city, w.r.t the following topics for social awareness
  • how smoking kills a person and his/her family
  • slogans on alcoholism
  • slogans on save water
  • slogans on save environment
  • slogans on clean and green
  • etc...
And BIRDS Team taken rally on the streets of the city to motivate the citizens w.r.t above topics.
Activity on 12th January 2017

BIRDS Team taken an initiative in the social service sector, with the help of motherland lovers, in the form of 'Plantation' and 'Spraying Mosquito Repellents'.